About Me


Welcome, all to my personal blog about books, education, and writing. Here you can find tips on how to be a better writer, tons of literature that will help you become more professional, and of course some educational tutorials and other articles regarding book and movie recommendations, interviews with famous writers and artists, and some articles regarding Ellie Ann and her work. The reason I am writing about Ellie Ann is that of a fact that her work helped me quite a lot with my own career path.

Ellie Ann was born in Thailands jungles and was raised in Iowa, in a farming village. One period of her life she lived in Texan desert. Ellie is homeschooled and was into Lord of the Rings and similar fantasy novels and shows as a child. She was also a part of a basketball team at her high school. She likes to say for herself that her goal is to be a geek. There aren’t many women in her profession but she didn’t let that bother her when she decided to write what she loves.

She mostly writes science fiction, fairy tales, thrillers, and is interested quite a lot in interactive storytelling. Ellie Ann is USA and NYT Bestseller of comics, science fiction, and thrillers, she is a certified nurse, an ex-basketball jock, a long distance runner, and a married woman with three children.Ann also works as a creative editor and she writes comics for the famous Motionworks Entertainment.

Anyway, my name is Marie Dobson and I am an author, English literature college professor, proofreader, and I often organize public book debates, promotions, and interviews with famous authors. My main focus is thrillers, science fiction, and fairy tales, I suppose because I grow up with three brothers who are quite interested in the same stuff.

As I said, on this blog I will be writing about my work, my process, ideas, opinions, about book movie and TV show reviews, and I will be here for all of you future writers if you need any advice in regards to your writing or professional contacts that you might need. 

Bear in mind that best writing styles a quality custom article is what you need if you expect to be successful in this discipline.