Introducing Tale Of Frida

We are proud to introduce a new fairy tale horror digital comic “Tale of Frida”. It is an art piece created with great care and passion. The setup of this story is done quite simple and beautiful. The story revolves around a naive country girl that is scarred as a child, marked by a Lycan. She is quite determined to find a cure for her disease. The storyline follows her magnificent journey led by her determination to find her true calling in this messy, confused world full of unexplainable things, beings and events. In the same time, she is searching for a cure.

Tale Of FridaThe story is set in Europe around the year of 1560 – a period of great instability in the Christian world, and a flourishing period in the art world. The period in which story is set is communicating beautifully with the narrative. We did our best to make our (anti)heroes and other characters in this story multidimensional, with a full personality and character traits. The artwork fits perfectly and it gave key pieces to this story, making our Tale of Frida beautifully whole and complete. The whole team is really proud of the job we did because it was done through love, passion, creativity, and professionalism. For all of you that are searching for something innovative and creative, but in the same time somewhat minimalistic, in the sense that we tried to keep the storyline fresh and clear of all the standard plots you can find, and other complications that are commonly used, we recommend you our Tale of Frida and we are quite hoping you will fully enjoy.

Tale of Frida is created by magnificent Alexis Alarcon, it is written by Alexis and myself, and the incredible artwork is done by the famous artist, our dear, and friend Nelson. It is an enhanced digital comic by Motionworks Entertainment. Tale of Frida is coming out this Fall so don’t miss it because we truly believe it will be something worth your time. The whole team behind this work is quite interested to hear all of your impressions about this work, so feel free to tell us once you read it.