11 Reasons To See Age Of Ultron

First, to know, I give this iconic movie 7/10. I greatly enjoyed it and highly recommend it!


*like, not joking, this is laden with heavy spoilers that will sour your viewing experience as fast as a botulism outbreak spoils your appetite for chicken nuggets.Age Of Ultron

#11: Good Soundtrack.

It was the only thing I thought was missing from the first Avengers. Danny Elfman uses a full, classical orchestra to nail the simultaneously epic themes with personal solo themes for some of the characters. Phenomenal tension building. It is quite epic and makes the movie more complete.

#10: A heartfelt romance.

I thought the most sincere scene in the movie was between Banner and Romanoff at the farm. The script nailed everything that was supposed to be said, and the actors NAILED everything that couldn’t be said. Out of anyone in the team, I saw those two connecting on a not-work level and it was so satisfying and sweet when they did. Loved her pick up lines, too.

P.S. If only the stupid, “you’re not the only monster on the team,” had been left out of that conversation…as if being sterile was why she thought she was a monster…I loved everything about that conversation except that conclusion. But I can still love it for what it is and just pretend she never said that at the end. 😉

#9: Brilliant Intros.

Age Of UltronThe beginning was my favorite fight scene. The intro to Ultron was my favorite of his scenes. The intro to The Vision was my favorite scene in the movie. Joss is a mastermind at creating team chemistry and connecting all you need to know about a character in their first scene. Setting their ‘mood.’ Introductions are the most important part of storytelling because people won’t give you a second chance if you don’t have them hooked. In the first 20 minutes, I loved everything, from the easy banter between the team to the fast-paced action to the plan on how to get inside the bunker and steal the object. He captured me deftly.

We often see in movies that people drag the story, making it hard to concentrate on something that seems not that important, or already seen. But here, everything is given to you right when you need it. You are not bored, you are not angry and too hungry for more because someone dragged the story. No. You have everything you need and a great reason to want it more – it was awesome!

#8: Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff.

She’s the superhero I love to see. Cunning, independent, talented, sharp, humble, confident, beautiful, and baton-wielding. When she spoke, people listened.

The only brilliant thing that was missing was another woman to balance her out…which I thought Scarlet Witch was going to be. I thought Scarlet Witch would be weird, quirky, primal, joyous…kinda like a superhero Luna Lovegood. Not sure what her character was. But Natasha’s so cool she can carry the whole movie by herself. Can’t wait to see her solo film!

Needs a Cape, right?

#7: Seeing each Avenger use their powers.

Thor did something only Thor could do. It was smart. Hawkeye’s character was developed and he was used in a way that no one else could (and did you notice the two people he honors with his son’s name?) The characters were settled into their powers and knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses. That’s fun to watch.

#6: Getting the Civilians to Safety.

When the climax comes, the goal is not to KILL ANTAGONIST, the stated goal (and the one they spend the most screen time on) was getting civilians to safety. It was humane and very relatable.

#5: Humor.

I can’t wait to watch it again because I probably missed half the quips because I was laughing at the last one.

#4: Action.

The pacing in the action scenes was different. Not the movie’s strength, but it didn’t pull it down either. And some shots were spectacular. It was sometimes hard to follow and the structure was off. But when it was on it was on. If you’re a fan of great CGI action then you’ll love it.

#3: Iron Man/Tony Stark.

Everything that I love about the Avengers is wrapped up in RDJ. He’s brilliant. Couldn’t have enjoyed his character any more than I did in this movie. From creating “his girl Friday,” to the Archie reference when he created Veronica,  I want to be him when I grow up.

#2: Crazy silly comic book plot.

Everything from the prophetic visions to the mysterious spirit water to the ability for a human to take a punch is straight out of the unbelievable fairy tale land of comics. It completely embraced the world without guile and every viewer needed to accept it all or you couldn’t accept anything.

#1: The Vision.

He’s my favorite part of the movie. He had gorgeous lines in the movie and he was gorgeous to watch. Intriguing. New. And had a killer introduction. I can’t wait to see more of him in the Marvel World!