Introducing Some Of Ellie Anns’ Work

I guess if I will be writing about me and my work, if I will give out advice about the writing process, career, contacts, and various tips, maybe I should first write about my inspiration. So I decided to introduce to you the work of Anns Ellie.

And just a disclaimer – she is not my only inspiration, but she is an author which work I truly love, and she is a woman that decided to write about fiction, fairy tales and thrillers just like I did. There aren’t many of us in this type of work, and I think anyone who decides to try a genre that is not standard should get quite a support.

„Breaking Steele“

This is the first book in the series and is written by Aron M. Patterson and Ellie Ann. The main character is Sarah Steel, and she is Assistant District Attorney, the youngest and hottest one yet in the courtroom. The twist is this: Sarah is a perfectly innocent successful girl that doesn’t know something quite important – she is a killer. This book is followed by „Twisting Steele” and “Melting Steele”, and all of them made a great impression on the reading public.

„The Silver Sickle“

The story is written in collaboration between Ellie Ann and Troy Aaron Ratliff. This novel is full of suspense, romance, and action. The whole story is told to us in the third person and the chapters are divided between three main characters. This innovative way of storytelling keeps readers glued to this book right until the end of it. I was personally amazed.

„Slice of Life: A multimedia Fairytale“

Ellie AnnThis was quite ambitious and large project. It is done in a collaboration between illustrators Hezekiah Jones, Theo Love, Emma Lang, Biaka Zaidarhzauva, and Gary Morgan, and between authors Lance Schaubert and Ellie Ann. It is quite an intriguing and innovative idea to combine all the multimedia in order to tell a story. This is a story comprised of illustrations and narrative, with audio and music scenes. Quite a unique experience.

„The day of screams and blood“

A great short story written solely by Ann Ellie, and it is a prologue to the next one – “The Silver Sickle”. This prequel got some amazing reviews and audience was hooked up to read the main one that goes after this. It gives beautiful backstory to the third novel from Sarah Steele saga.