If You Are Stuck While Writing

Do you like to write? Does this come naturally, just like breathing the air? Does your environment praise every e-mail or post on the blog? Then, I congratulate and salute you, because you are probably a person who in his walking state uses at least a quarter of your time to think and write.

Regardless of the fact that all the new technology began to shut down the writing as such, now we are all constantly writing something – e-mails, commentaries on Facebook and Twitter, we suffer smilies and abbreviations where we do not need it, and all of that is still not „writing“.

Stuck With WritingAlthough it seems at first glance that the writing of the KING of this 21st century, this true writing is not. A list for a drink or SMS is not a creative writing, such as a good blog text, story, novel, song… And it means that if your reach is a comment, like, or a text message, you are surely not a writer. But, if you write in a year like 40.000 words, then that is serious. So it means that you’re infected with a disease called creative writing. So, it means this article is for you. Here are tips and suggestions on how to start writing better. What is enough to start?


Before you sit down to write anything, ask yourself: why do I write? What do I want to do with writing? Are you writing to treat someone? Became famous? Cradled the soul? Defeat the injustice of this world? Or to avenge your professor from the middle school, who did not want to give you more than a passing grade? Best writing always has a clear and bold intention. Think about it and dedicate yourself to it.

Get to the point

If in your writing no one can separate the head from the tail if you are constantly writing something without making clear what you wanted to say, think again and write it down short because no one will settle down to read your chaos.


Albert Einstein once said: “If you can not explain something to a six years old child, it means you do not understand yourself.” Imagine writing something for kindergarten children – restless, “with a lack of attention”. Try to explain to a kid what you do, for example. Practice this a bit, and you will see that the results will be surprising! Clean your language from unnecessary words, misunderstandings, and confusion.


Have you noticed that writing does not go hand in hand when you are nervous, angry when you hate someone, and when you try to squeeze out some meaningful word at all costs? Have you noticed that it never works properly? The best state for writing is to relax. Take a shower, lie in the tub, go for a walk… anything that will put you back in balance. When the body is calm, the brain works best.