The Real Iron Throne, Interview With Artist Marc Simonetti

Marc SimonettiAnyone that ever read or saw Game of Thrones, knows all about the Iron Throne. It is the most wanted thing – the seat of a true king. Also, it is quite well known that the writer of the book series George Martin said a lot of times, that the artist Marc Simonetti was the only one who presented the Iron Throne the same way the famous writer sees it – massive, asymmetric and ugly.

We are proud to present you with an interview I did with the artist Marc Simonetti. We are talking about a professional and famous artist whose work can be found in various video games, films, publishing and producing companies. So, here it goes…

Did you ever and would you fantasize about sitting on or possessing the Iron Throne by yourself?

Hahaha… No thank you (he smiles). That is an uncomfortable thing and there is only a small group of people build that way – to survive and enjoy something like that. For me, the chair in my office is just fine.

How much time does it take to fully complete one painting?

It depends on the sole painting. It is not just the question of its size or the number of elements that will be represented in the painting. It is about the simplicity of the work itself, materials, tools, how much layers there is… The painting can be done in three days but the sketches that are done before, and finishing touches after, they can take weeks.

How do you manage to stay creative on your job?

I really think that is pure luck. All the projects I did, they weren’t just a job – I really felt them. All the work I did came from my mind, heart, love, and passion. I had so much fun and I truly believed in the work I did and in other people and ideas that were behind that work.

What’s your favorite color?

I don’t have one. Every one is beautiful in its own way. Ok, maybe just maybe violet.