3 Reasons To Ruin Yourself As A Writer

I’ve been running away from writing for my soul all my life. I never had time. Enough loneliness. The idea that you can not live from writing can be repeated as a mantra. Part of the writing need was satisfied as a professor, a lecturer, a book event organizer, copywriter. And then my life was upside down. And now I began to write and enjoy writing. Errors were numerous, but these were the most important – they represent common illusions that will make you impossible to become a good writer. Do you recognize them?

1. It’s all up to you.

One of the most widespread deceptions is that your work depends only on you. You are convinced that writing is a form of self-expression, some kind of extension of your brain, your soul’s parts are transferred to paper. To write well, you just need to be authentic, and if they do not like that, they go upstairs.

The trouble is that here, as with all deception, there is a grain of truth. Originality is, of course, a good thing, but only to the extent that people enjoy what you are doing. To be a successful writer, you need to stop thinking about who you are and to think about what the audience wants.

2. Conquering an audience requires time

WritingOne of the last shelters for a writer struggling to survive is the idea that it is only a matter of time to acquire an audience (to be known). This sounds reasonable. Nobody became known overnight. Not even a woman who wrote Harry Potter.

True, acquiring an audience can be a very slow process, but not because people do not know who you are, or are unable to understand your ingenuity, after so many years of writing (and publishing, thank God on the internet). The right reason is that you are a beginner who is doing everything wrong, and it takes time for you to find out how things work. In other words, you do not have to wait for the world. The world is waiting for you.

3. You are convinced that you know what you are doing.

Since when you know about yourself, you wrote. However, you did not receive Pulitzer or the like, but those teachers in the primary, with all the family and friends, were stunned. Maybe you even did something for newspapers, Blog, commercials, so you have something to put in a biography. And now you’re convinced that it makes you different.

Hmmm. I will never stop wondering how many writers live in this belief. They quite sincerely think that knowing all the letters, grammar, and fake smiles of friends and family, are enough to be good writers. It’s not like that. The difference in writing for friends, and the writing of glory and recognition throughout the world, is like heaven and earth. You need to dedicate years of living and working to perfect your pen, and even then it’s not certain if a good writer will come from you.