Cracking The Swimming – All Phrases That You Should Know

Swimming is the best physical activity for your body, and there is no better thing that would improve your overall shape and health than this activity! You can swim in a river, in a pool, or you can hire State Swim services to provide your children with the professional swimmers who will teach your kid to swim. In any case, there are some words and phrases that people often misunderstand when it comes to this activity. We will explain some of the most common phrases you will encounter with and as I am specialized in writing, there is no better way to demonstrate everything you should know than through the phrases and writing.

Where can you swim?

As you know, there are several places that are designed for swimming. These places may be: public, indoor, kiddie pool, hot tub or public and secluded beach. The public pool is a type of pool where people can swim as much as they want but they are usually required to pay for such activity and it is usually open/outside. The indoor pool is placed inside the building and it is used mostly throughout the winter. The kiddie pool is the type of pool that you buy in a store and you place it inside your yard.

Man jumping in pool
Jumping in swimming pool

These come in different sizes (even for adults) but in this case, it is made for children. The next one is a hot tub or sometimes called Jacuzzi. It is not made for swimming but rather for sitting in hot water. Jacuzzi is the hot tub with the specially designed jets that produce bubbles. The public beach is an open one where people pay to get access to it while the secluded one is usually away from cities where you can swim without the presence of other people.

The gear

There are swimming trunks, speedos, bikinis, goggles and floaties. Swimming trunks are usually shorts made of special materials that dry quickly. These may be speedos (lightweight pants mostly used for competitions) or simple bathing shorts. Now, bathing suits are something different as these wear women usually and come in one piece.

The subcategory is bikini that comes in two pieces and this gear does not cover the stomach while the bathing suit comes in one piece that covers your chest and stomach. Goggles are used for swimming and diving, though this is not a professional swimming gear. At the end, floaties use kids and these are air-filled floats that go around kid’s arms to prevent sinking.

How to get into water?

Preparing to swim
Prepare for swimming

You can jump in feet-first, dive in, dive off or perform a somersault. Jump in feet-first is when your feet go to water first (you jump in water). The process of diving in involves getting in water while your head is facing forward, while the dive off is when you jump from a diving board, dock or a cliff. When you do this, you can perform somersault. It is flipping your body forward or backward and if you hit the water with your stomach flat, it is called belly-flopping!